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Bringing ideas to life through visual storytelling

Anyone can stand behind a camera and press record, but not everyone can film. The difference between the two is how you tell the story through your visual arts. How would you like for us to tell your story?

Peter "HD Boy" Parker
 Videographer / Filmmaker / Editor

Peter “HD Boy” Parker is a man of few words but he expresses his talents through film and music. He is the mind behind Two Tone Cinema with his creative mindset and ideas. Also known as “Stone Niddie.” He has over 15 years of experience in the film and music industry. He has worked with people like MC Eitht, Zaytoven, Deontay Wilder and various other artists just to name a few. Stone is also a photographer whose work has appeared in Sports Illustrated and various publications.  




The Company

Two Tone Cinema is a film production company that specializes in cinematic storytelling videos. We also deal with a wide variety of video content. Two Tone Cinema is based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and we're also available globally.

Santo Moss
Videographer / Filmmaker/ Editor
Santo_B&W Chair.jpg

Santo Moss is an independent filmmaker with a concentrate on documentary films. Santo has a passion for filmmaking and he loves the creative arts. No matter the project he put his all into it. Through his film projects he expresses his love for the arts. And with his love he brings films to life. He has worked with entertainers such as Fred Hammond, Jane Elliott, Chanita Foster, James Fortune and many more.




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